ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) - John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media discussed the health benefits of foam rolling Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise. Click on the image below to see the segment as it aired on February 21, 2017.

"What foam rolling is, is a form of self-massage," explained Hutchings. "It's called myofascial release. Most commonly if people are familiar with this, it's probably runners who have IT - iliotibial band syndrome - that's that little area running down from your hip to your knee. You just roll back and forth. It can be painful, and I should note, let your pain be your guide, and also check with your physician before you start a foam roller program."

Hutchings said foam rolling can benefit the whole body. "As with massage, you get the stress relief, but you also loosen up any knots or adhesions in the muscle that can trigger pain throughout the body," he said. "You can foam roll the whole body. You should avoid the kidneys, but the back, the arms, the shoulders - you usually start at the center of the body and work out toward the extremities. Any body part is in play."

There are varied options when it comes to foam rolling. A smooth surface provides a benefits, while a knobby surface can deepen the impact. " Anyone who's had a massage knows the deeper the work, the more pain usually involved, but also the benefits increase," said Hutchings. "So, using your pain as your guide you would either use a smooth surface or a knobby surface."

To learn more, you can consult the personal trainer directory at Healthy Edge Media. Hutchings said Sharon Perry-Ferrari does seminars and one-on-one trainings with foam rolling. Click HERE.



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