Who doesn't love the hug that you feel when you slip into a pure cashmere sweater. The end of summer can play mind tricks on us. Clients are flooding the stores to grab those early Fall Collection items. There must be a button that goes off in Fashion Diva's heads when the calendar flips to August and September.

I'm not one to rush Summer but the Fashion Industry certainly has conditioned us to think otherwise. If you don't keep up you lose out!

Now is the time to invest in summer items as they are probably drastically discounted.

How to transition from summer looks to Fall looks can be challenging and one of the most experimental "Seasons" of all:

Sometimes making a seasonal transition is as simple as extending your sleeve length. Pair your favorite trouser with a long sleeve length top or add a vest.

Short Shorts can have a new look with sheer pantyhose...yes, I said pantyhose!!!

Striped tees are forever chic, and this season they looked extra on-trend paired with high-waist jean shorts and your classic denim of choice.

LACE ... isn't just for your evening or formal activities anymore! Traditionally, lace has been used for intimate apparel and wedding or bridal collections, many designers have created day wear styles for the feminine flirty fabric.

3 ways to wear Lace correctly during the day:

1. Lace tops can be tricky but pairing with a plaid or wool pant can keep it classic. Tops with a cap sleeve or short sleeve is a safer option if in the corporate environment. Finish the look with a wingtip or a tassel loafer , to send the business style message.

2. Lace skirts whether flounce or pencil are best worn with a flats or a casual leather sandal. Finishing the daytime look with a denim shirt or coat and a chunky leather belt is a super casual fashion forward option.

3. Lace dresses can be most challenging to determine how to wear it right for day. Embrace the flirty feminine fabric, but ask yourself "If it's wedding worthy then it shouldn't go to the office". Try introducing dresses with lace trims or smaller lace panels, that's a corporate win!!!

FOOTWEAR...Who wore them first and who wears them Best! Men actually wore their footwear with elevated heels first. Hard to believe, but it was a sign of prestige and level of wealth. Soldiers then had heels or slippers (think backless clogs) with heels that would "slip" over their boots to assist them when riding horseback for more secure footing in the stirrups. That explains why cowboy boots have that thick chunky heel for more secure foot positioning in the stirrup!

Fast forward to current fashion trends where you find few men wearing any footwear with a heel higher than the classic 1' heel unless you are a Rhinestone Cowboy. So let's all agree that women look best in heels whether it's a kitten heel or perhaps a flashy wing back 4 inch stiletto. I have worn and tried them all over my 37 years in the image/retail industry...could be why I now am forced to consider "comfort" footwear vs. 4 inch stilettos! Whether you choose gum-soles flats or "Sit and be Served" heels... own it with style & flair!

VELVET...You either Love it or despise it! Solid, printed, burn-out patterns every runway was adorned with it, most designers interject this luxurious fabrication into most of their holiday collections. Men can wear this for formal or even a casual look with denim and the finest footwear money can buy.

Break a few rules this season, Go ahead and mix your patterns and fabrics...live life with style & flair...and Panache, where Image is our Inspiration.



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