ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media demonstrated a five minute stretching based warm up to start your day Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

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"I've been in the gym business twenty years, and in that time, I've tried to get people to come to the gym to exercise," said Hutchings. "I started Healthy Edge to make fitness a little more accessible, and included in that is showing people little things they can do at home to kind of get moving, if you will."

Hutchings said you can kick start your day the moment you get out of bed each morning. "When I get out of bed in the morning, I do a simple five-movement warm up routine," he said. "It's stretching. It's kind of like Yoga. If you do Yoga, you'll recognize some of the stretches."

As Hutchings demonstrated five poses, he explained his morning routine. "I roll out of bed -- I actually don't even stand up -- I roll off the side of the bed and get on all fours," he said. "I'll go back and forth between what's called a Cat Pose, where I'm rounding the back, dropping the head and tipping the tailbone. Then I'll alternate by dropping the belly, lifting the head and tailbone, pushing the head out through the shoulders, and going into what's called the Cow Pose. So do Cat and Cow a couple of times. I'm going through it for demonstration purposes a little faster than I should. I do about fifteen to thirty seconds for each pose. Then I'll sit back on my heels and open up the quadriceps a little bit. Then I just kind of melt down, if you will, over your thighs and extending your arms. This is called Child Pose. We just kind of melt down there. You're breathing the whole time, you're getting oxygen into the system. You're getting the blood flowing a little bit and warming up the joints. Then I'll come up out of that. This is probably the toughest move of them all; the Downward Dog. It's where we're straightening out our legs, trying to get our heels down, lifting hips up and pushing back over the heels and then straightening out the arms. Ears come between the biceps, and just kind of lift and hold there. Then finally, walk back with hands between the feet. This is called a Forward Fold. You can stretch these I-T Bands -- runners will know what I'm talking about there -- by putting foot-over-foot. First left-over-right and then right-over-left, and then you stand up and it's a great way to start the day."

Hutchings also discussed his Get Moving Challenge on the Healthy Edge Media Facebook page. "It's simply push ups, sit ups and squats," he said. "I'm going to challenge the viewers to do five push ups. Let's hit them real quick. Then five sit ups and then five squats. Add one each day in the month of November and there you have the Healthy Edge Get Moving Challenge."

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