The complete Healthy Edge Plank Challenge is as follows:

Stretch with the following stretches:

Alternate slowly between Cow Pose and Cat Pose for 3 reps, holding each for about 10-15 seconds, breathing through the entire set: 

Then stretch your lower back with a good one minute Child Pose:

Lift yourself into a Downward Dog Pose and hold that, while breathing, for one minute:

Finally, walk your hands backuntil you are Foward Fold, hold that, while breathing for one minute (I like to cross my feet to hit the IT bands on the outside of your upper legs, :30 each way):

NOW, you're ready Squats - Pushups - Situps:

Start the first day by figuring out how many days are left in December (including today) and do that many reps of each exercise, bodyweight squats, pushups and situps (example; on December 6, do 26 reps of each)

Then we Plank

Start with 1:00 and add :10 each day of the challenge.


Click on the picture below to see the challengeas it appeared on Channel 8 News at Sunrise on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media demonstrated the proper form for a plank and discussed its health benefits Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise. "In December I want our viewers to try a plank," said Hutchings. "The Plank has many benefits. One is that it improves your posture. If you're sitting at the a desk all day, you'll notice your neck kind of going forward. The plank is going to address that, as well as your core stability, which is important with this winter weather coming, with slippery sidewalks and steps it's good to have a nice stable base." Hutchings gave people three options for performing a plank. "There's a couple of things before I hop down," he said. "I want to keep that neck long as opposed to pushing it out, and then I want to kind of slightly tilt the pelvis underneath." He added, "I'll start with the traditional plank where your arms are straight. I kind of lock my elbows -- keep that neck long, like I'm looking over the side of a building -- and again, hollow out those abs and tilt the pelvis forward a little bit. The plank is a held position. "I'm keeping everything nice and tight," Hutchings said. "I'm squeezing my legs together a little bit. I've got my glutes activated. It's really hitting the whole body. I've got my shoulders back, not rounded forward. Here's a modification if that's too difficult; you can drop down to your elbows. I say it's a little easier. You do feel it on the core a little bit more, but it takes a little stress off the triceps and elbows, or you can drop right down to your knees and shorten that distance between points of contact. Those are the modifications of the plank." Hutchings said the goal of his current plank challenge is to get up to a five minute plank.



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