A note from the Healthy Edge's editor, John Hutchings:

As it always eventually does, winter will yield to spring sometime in the next few weeks.  That’s the great thing about publishing a bi-monthly magazine…you only really have to do one issue between Fall and Spring! With longer days, naturally, we are more motivated to be active, whether that is in the gym or out on the roads or trails.

One thing that can help or hinder our springtime ambitions to be healthy and fit is our diet. Nutrition plays a vital role in our energy levels, weight management and overall feeling of wellness. In particular, evidence continues to mount against sugar as the culprit in Rochester’s obesity epidemic. Metabolic Nutritionist, Becki Siconolfi shares five reasons that you should be eating a lowglycemic diet in her Stubborn Weight Loss Solutions column, with the top reason being that sugar’s effect on your body’s insulin production is leading to Type 2 Diabetes at a pandemic rate. Dr. Jeffrey Eisenberg, author of ‘Suckered, The History of Sugar, Our Toxic Addiction, Our Power to Change’ writes about the misconception that ‘natural’ and artificial sweeteners are acceptable substitutes for the real thing in his monthly column. Finally, we introduce Healthy Edge Meals by WTF Chef as a solution for those of you who want to eliminate sugar from your diet to reap the benefits associated with low-glycemic, no sugar, highfiber eating. More energy, increased mental focus and, of course, bodyfat loss are typical results on the Healthy Edge program.

I am also excited to share the all-new Riverside Veterinary Hospital ‘Healthy Pets’ column that will become a regular feature with Healthy Edge. Doctors Vanessa Velez and Kirsten Mueller introduce themselves in this month’s column and we look forward to having Riverside as a partner to make Rochester’s pets as healthy as possible. We know you LOVE your pets!

Of course, there are plenty of other great articles inside; all gathered with the single purpose of achieving the mission of making Rochester the healthiest city in America.

Now, let’s get out there and enjoy, it’s springtime again!!




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