It’s election season. It probably comes as no surprise that I am a registered Democrat. If you are a regular reader of Healthy Edge, you already suspected I ‘lean’ that way as I include articles on social and ‘green’ issues that are a definite ‘tell’. Actually, I consider myself a humanist and I have long been an ardent supporter of individuals’ rights in their personal quest for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I trust my fellow man in that I am confident that an overwhelming majority of people who are on their own path would not diminish or otherwise detract from my pursuit of the same (unless that person suffers with a mental illness that compels them to some destructive end, which is why I include mental health articles, too).

Inspired by Barack Obama’s farewell speech, I stepped up to run for office. I am the Democratic candidate for Webster Town Supervisor this November 7th. Since June, I have been knocking on doors around Webster and doing my research. I am shocked by the stranglehold of power that the incumbents have achieved in our town, and as a result, how little say town residents have in town processes. The most shocking part is that it was achieved through apathy. Often times, the Democratic Party of Webster didn’t even field candidates!

The Edmund Burke quote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It applies. I challenge you to stop ‘doing nothing’. Join me…especially if you live in Webster…and vote this November 7th. Follow me on Facebook at my Elect John Hutchings page.

Let’s make Rochester the healthiest community in America,
John Hutchings



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