John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media discussed the benefits of CrossFit at Monroe County CrossFit inside World Gym Rochester Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

"Our very first segment as you remember Mark a year and a half ago was on CrossFit," said Hutchings from the Monroe County Cross Fit back room. "Ironically we featured burpees and wall ball which is the workout today so we've come full circle with it, but I'm actually participating in CrossFit now as my primary form of exercise and you tend to get a different perspective from the inside. CrossFit to me now is about the coaching which is invaluable, it's about the community which is very encouraging and supporting and it's about competition, not only with other people like a competitive exercise but competition with yourself."

As a veteran of the fitness industry, Hutchings said the coaching aspect of CrossFit cannot be understated. "As a guy who's been in the business for twenty years, I've always kind of traditionally looked at exercise as a solitary thing, you know it's something you had to do for yourself," he said. "I wouldn't say I underestimated the value of the coaching, but having experienced it - just getting the encouragement or the push or the form correction - that helps make an exercise a little easier. I've just found it to be really invaluable to taking my work outs to the next level."

Hutchings noted CrossFit can benefit people of all fitness levels. Heidi Kettlehone is among the people working out at Monroe County CrossFit. "Heidi, who we'll capture on some of the film here, she was just sharing with me she's been CrossFitting and came into it as a mom who had just given birth and she has a one year old now, not a year later, she's actually increased her weight in muscle but her body fat is down in such a way that she's fitting in clothes that she hasn't in years," he observed. "So there's an example of someone who just comes to the workout and completely changes their body, it's also very motivating for people who like competition, if you want to beat somebody at something, and I've got some names on the board that I like to beat on a daily basis or get beat by, it appeals to that type of person too, so for the 'fire breathers' as they're called in CrossFit, it's got something for everyone as you've mentioned."

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