Healthy Edge Media discussed the training benefits provided at Rochester's Aerial Arts with co-owner Jennifer Dovidio Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

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Aerial Arts features pole fitness, derived from the ancient Chinese. It incorporates contortion, hand balancing and Chinese pole. Dovidio's husband and co-owner William demonstrated various aerial exercises and positions, including the Cupid.

Your core is engaged while you get a strength and cardiovascular workout. All levels of fitness can enjoy Aerial Arts, with the workouts becoming increasingly challenging as you improve.

William also demonstrated his aerial prowess on the "silks" which hang from the ceiling and enable you to wrap your arms or legs to pose, swing and do controlled drops. Classes include an introduction to aerials class and proceed up five levels. One instructor won a body building contest, while another captured the Central Pole and Aerial Championships in Chicago. Dovidio said yoga classes are also offered.

Aerial Arts is located along Blossom Road in Rochester, right next to ARTISANworks. To learn more about Aerial Arts, click here.



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