John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media and Nick Vantucci, owner of Cycle Swami in Brighton, discussed the health benefits of the indoor cycling program Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise. (click on photo for video)

Hutchings and Vantucci discussed the "CompuTrainer" technology that cyclists use during their workouts. Vantucci noted the safety benefits of the indoor workout. In addition, riders are able to track their progress with the CompuTrainer. You create a rider profile, including your email address. After each ride a report is automatically generated and sent to you with the statistics for that particular ride.

Gabriella Rood and Bonnie Mace demonstrated how the CompuTrainer technology works. The technology can replicate race courses where the rider reacts to the conditions, rather than simply changing the resistance. Cycle Swami riders bring their own equipment so the fit of the bike is specific to you. "You ride your bike just like you would on the road," said Vantucci. "You shift, you stand up, you can push hard, you can hold back. It doesn't matter, the system takes care of all of the resistance for you."



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