We discussed exercises to improve your golf game with Jamie Cucinelli of Avid Indoor Golf Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

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Cucinelli owns Avid Indoor Golf, which is located off Ridge Road in Greece, right next to Ridgemont Country Club. Hutchings noted the fitness of level of U.S. Open champion Dustin Johnson, and fellow major champion Rory McIlroy as evidence how fitness has become a part of the elite golfer's game.

Avid Indoor Golf combines fitness equipment with golf simulators to improve flexibility and strength, and then quantify your gains. Cucinelli said the equipment is golf-centric to build core strength. "We're trying to get separation between your hip, upper body and your arms," he said while demonstrating the coiling aspect of one exercise. People of all ages and skill level can benefit from the workout.

The golf simulator allows you to play the indoor equivalent of a full round of golf. "We have shot information - everything from your carry, your launch, your swing speed, your club speed, everything in regards to your swing," said Cucinelli. Cameras capture your swing to analyze the turn and proper position.

Avid Indoor Golf also hosts golf leagues and tournaments. For more information, click here.



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