ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media discussed the benefits of Tai Chi Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

We joined Hutchings at Great Lake Tai Chi on Monroe Avenue in Rochester. Click on photo for video:

"Tai Chi is all about awareness," said Hutchings. "It's a martial art, so there's a physical side to it, but at the same time it kind of ties in the mind, body and spirit connection. It grounds us to the earth. We have energy from the earth and we draw up through out body, and we balance, and we relax." Stress is a major concern for many people. "Tai Chi teaches us not to collapse and still have that stress in our body, but to actually get rid of that stress in our body," Hutchings said. Great Lake Tai Chi co-owners Mark and Jean Westcott were among those demonstrating the benefits of Tai Chi during the segment.

"It's very gentle," said Hutchings of the physical aspect of Tai Chi. "As you can see, the movements are being performed very deliberately, but there's a lot nuances going on in there, a lot of body control, so things we don't think about. I've actually experienced this putting on a pair of pants in the morning, standing on one leg, shifting that balance. If you've ever been sore or out of sorts and you lose your balance, and you have to brace yourself, Tai Chi actually - one of the physical benefits is that balance and body awareness, and being able to move fluidly.

We think of children, and I've been going to some schools and doing some challenges with the kids, they move so easily but we get rigid as adults. Tai Chi brings back that fluidity, that suppleness if you will." People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi. "You do the form over and over again but it's different each time, you know, so there's a nuance to that and just the mastery of the basics that's really challenging and an interesting part of Tai Chi," said Hutchings.

To learn more about Great Lake Tai Chi, click here.



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