Dan Moriarty is not unlike most people who struggle to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle. He has 'hurdles' to overcome as he continues to advance in his career as a Sports Talk Radio Host & Producer at Fox Sports Rochester AM1280. That includes irregular hours and plenty of extra work. Dan also has two dogs at his home that put demands on his time. Lastly, Dan had gotten out of shape.  

Probably like many of you, Dan has friends who swear by CrossFit as a method to get them in their best shape, but he had questions:

  • Was it too intense?
  • Would he do the exercises right?
  • Would he injure himself?
  • Could he stick with it? 

What Dan needed was a PLAN.

Monroe County CrossFit offered a solution that worked for Dan. He could do CrossFit workouts that fit his schedule with their open WOD format, where you can train anytime and aren't restricted to certain times. Here's whatelse Dan learned on his first day at Monroe County CrossFit.  He always had access to a qualified CrossFit coach who would make sure that he worked out at the appropriate intesity for his level of fitness, coach him through proper exercise form and design a complete workout that had a proper warmup and emphasis on safety.

Now, sticking with it is up to Dan, but the secret to any plan's effectiveness is habitual repetition and Dan is committed to the next six weeks of Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 9am...and that's another feature of Monroe County CrossFit, it's a community of like-minded people who are looking to get healthy together, they will help Dan stay on track, as well as encourage and motivate him toward his goals!

Healthy Edge Radio Listeners – you can take the Dan Moriarty 6 week challenge with Monroe County CrossFit too. For just $45 for your first month, you can find out what CrossFit is all about and how it can help you get excited about your workouts, meet some cool people and get in great shape for Summer!  Call 271-0440 or send a message through the Monroe County CrossFit page HERE and ask about the 'Healthy Edge/Dan Moriarty' Transformation Special.

Check out this video from Dan's very first CrossFit workout below:

  • 3 rounds
    • ​10 overhead squats with broomstick
    • 10 supermans
    • 10 ab mat situps
    • 10 ring rows
    • 10 pushups

Here's Dan finishing a set of 'manmakers' in his 3rd workout below (click on image for video)

It was part of a workout that included:

  • 15 Tire Flips
  • (200') 400 meter Farmer Carry (walking with weights in each hand)
  • (15)25 manmakers
  • (200') 400 meter Farmer Carry
  • 15 Tire Flips

​we modified in parenthesis ( )

Week #2

The Memorial Day holiday fell on a regularly scheduled workout day.  Dan avoided the opportunity to rationalize that it was a 'holiday' and use that as a reason to miss the workout.  In the early weeks of a new workout routine, it is important that you keep that appointment with yourself and do whatever possible to stay on track.  Great job Dan!  Also important...where necessary, modify workouts to make them suitable to your fitness and skill level.  Below we filmed part of Dan's 'Memorial Day Murph' a crossfit 'Hero WOD' workout created to honor Lt. Michael P Murphy, Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan.  the workout consists of a 1 mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 bodyweight squats, finished by another 1 mile run.  Since it is such an advanced workout, Dan completed the 1/2 Murph.  Always scale your workout and exercises to meet your skill and conditioning levels for the safest and most effective results. Oh, we measured Dan's bodyfat percentage too...23.1%, we'll check in on his improvement in a couple weeks.

Week #3

So...it happened.  last Friday, Dan's schedule was just not going to let him get his scheduled workout in.  An early obstacle facing new and returning exercisers is that negative feeling that comes from missing a workout.  Too often, a missed workout is a reminder that you've tried and failed before and leads to the 'slippery slope' effect, where one's internal dialogue says, "you can't do this, it's too hard" - or - "I'm too busy, what was I thinking?"  But Dan resisted the temptation to sabotage his fledgling exercise routine and regrouped nicely with a un-scheduled trip to yoga with his girlfriend on Saturday, which allowed him to feel good about getting his three workouts in for the week and kept him on track with the 'transformation' of his exercise habits!  Here's Dan finishing up week three with a nice workout that included warm-up, some skill work with snatch drills and a snatch/overhead squat complex, capped with this WOD:  

  • 800 meter run
  • 30 reps of seated dumbbell presses (Dan used 30# dumbbells)
  • 400 meter run
  • 20 reps of seated dumbbell presses
  • 200 meter run
  • 10 reps of seated dumbbell presses

Week #4

Dan finished week 4 with this WOD (workout of the day.)  His time was 10:12

  • 10 Tire Flips
  • 20 Wall Balls (throw a 20lb. medicine ball from a squat position, exploding into a full squat pushing the ball to a line 10' off the ground markd on the wall)
  • 400 meter 'farmer carry' where you walk with a kettlebell in each hand as would a farmber carrying buckets of water or grain (Dan used 30 lb kettlebells - one in each hand)
  • 20 Wall Balls
  • 10 Tire Flips

Here, Dan shows his 'battle marks' from the black of the 'big tire' on his arms.  One of the great "fun" items from CrossFit is showing your battle marks!

Takeaways from Week #4:

  • how to stay on schedule with your workouts when your life's schedule is disrupted.
    • Dan had to switch shifts at work, which meant setting his alarm for 3:45am!  That is much earlier than hip regular wake up time, so, what do you think happened?  In his anxiety over sleeping through the alarm, he tossed and turned and looked at the clock all night - the result?  2 hours of sleep!  Dan admitted that when I texted him about an hour before our scheduled workout, he was hoping that I didn't...then he would have justification for missing the workout.  Dan answered the bell, showed up as scheduled and had a great workout and more importnatly, reinforced the habit of finding reasone TO workout as opposed to NOT workout.  Dan also recognized the value of...
  • the importance of choosing a suitable workout partner.
    • Good workout partners are:
      • reliable
        • an unreliable workout partner will actually make it more likely you'll miss your workouts.
        • If you find yourself thinking, "I bet he/she wont even be there" as you get ready for the gym...time to get a new workout partner or go solo...an inconsistent workout partner can drag you down into their habits.  Don't let it happen!
  • it's vital to keep your workouts efficient in order to sustain your workout habit.
    • If you find yourself dreading the time you're about to spend at the gym because it's 'too long' you need to shorten your workouts, at least make them as efficient as possible.  Some ways to do this:
      • minimize chit chat between exercises or sets
      • measure your rest time so it doesn't 'leak' into much longer workouts
      • drink water if you need it, but avoid the time-wasting habits of hitting the water bottle or fountain out of habit and not out of need
      • ask others to help keep you accountable, have someone keep you on point when you drift
    • the importance of 'tight' workouts goes beyond the fitness benefits that you'll receive (although you will get in better condition by not "lollygagging" through workouts.)  For a sustainable workout habit, you never want to put yourself in the position where you think you don't have enough time because you're visualizing epic workouts that drag on and on...you need to psycholgically view your workouts as manageable, efficient blocks of time that you can't wait to do!

Week #5

We decided to re-test Dan's bodyfat percentage to see what progress he had made in 4 weeks since the first test.  He had dropped almost 3 percentage points, reducing his percentage from 23.1% to 20.2%, which is an excellent change in body composition.  Since Dan's bodyweight remained relatively the same at 212 pounds, this test indicated that he had in fact 'redistributed' his weight, increasing his lean body mass (muscle/bone) by 6 1/2 pounds and taking his total bodyfat from 49 pounds down to 42.5.  CrossFit (and we should mention that Dan is only working out Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 3 times per week) is certainly making a difference in the body composition and energy levels for Dan Moriarty.

Dan has 'officially' gotten in shape to start 'getting in shape' having endured the difficult first stages of a 'transformation' where soreness is the norm and your psychology has to be, "It's going to be better on the other side."  It is different for everyone, but a general rule of thimb is to start with a 4 week window if you're in your 20's or early 30's.  Add two weeks for each decade of age after that, so if you're a 50 year old person just starting back after a layoff or having never really worked out...it's probably going to take a good 8 weeks to acclimate to the new levels of stress that you're putting you body under.  Modified exercises, extra rest intervals and days, along with proper nutrition and supplementation are all good ways to accelerate your 'getting in shape' but don't look for ways to shortcut the process...you'll be glad in the long run.

Here's a comparative photo of Dan between current NFL player, Quentin Gause of the Philadelphia Eagles and future NFL player, Jojo Gause.  Dan's holding his own!

Week #6

Dan finished week 6 of our 6 week 'transformation' with a killer partner WOD (workout of the day) with me over the 4th of July weekend.  

16 minute EMOM

9 thrusters/finish your minute with burpees

This workout required Dan and I to take turns going all out for 60 seconds, then resting for 60 seconds while the other partner did the same.  Our score was the total of all burpees performed.  We scored 113 which was one of the top scores posted that day in the 'box'

Dan has completed his 6 weeks gameplan that he set out to do.  I explained to Dan that establishing a regular exercise habit and getting his base of conditioning to the point where he could now concentrate on putting maximum effort into his workouts.  Mission Accomplished!

Next, I encouraged Dan to set a new goal, as it is a dangerous area to be in, after completing a goal, as that can leave you without an immediate purpose to your workouts and allow you to drift back into bad habits.  I suggested a couple upcoming CrossFit competitions as Dan's next goal...stay tuned to see what he targets next...as he accomplished another goal this weekend...Dan got engaged!  Congratulations to Dan & Jessalyn!




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