This week on Healthy Edge Radio (brought to you by World Gym Rochester, click HERE for a special Healthy Edge offer):

  • Our guests were: 
  • Our Healthy Tip of the Week, brought to you by Rochester Fitness & Cycling was: "Consider walking if you have injuries, limitations or just aren’t interested in running. Although running does give you a slight advantage, walking is still an effective choice for losing weight and improving cardiovascular health, as well as being less stressful on your joints in the bigger picture. IF you can’t or currently don’t run…consider walking the Teacher’s Challenge’s still a good workout and for a great cause." read about the discussion HERE.
  • This week's question from 'John H’s Gym Bag', brought to you by Stuart Spices, was, “My knee hurts when I run, what do you think is the problem?" listen to our answer at the 22:20 mark of the podcast.
  • Our roundtable subject for our guests this episode was, "using health & fitness as a means to raise awareness and resources for important causes”

To hear the episode in it's entirety, click the audio player below:



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