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  • Our guest was:
    • Dr. Jeffrey Eisenberg, a Virginia native, received his undergraduate degree in Biopsychology and obtained his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Virginia. He maintains a clinical appointment at the University of Rochester, and was voted one of the top 100 pediatricians in the nation. His specialty interests include the evaluation and management of attention deficit disorder, anxiety, depression, and obesity. Additionally, he consults patients in the disciplines of exercise physiology and nutrition at his private practice, Fairport Pediatrics, in Fairport, New York. – Dr. Eisenberg is the author of, "Suckered, The History of Sugar, Our Toxic Addiction, Our Power to Change" that is available on Amazon (click HERE)
  • Our Healthy Tip of the Week, brought to you by Rochester Fitness & Cycling was: "schedule your workouts just like you would an appointment. The old cliché here is: “people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.” Simply eliminate the hours that you are already obligated to work, sleep, walk your dog and all other activities on your schedule, take inventory of the time not already spoken for, figure out when you’re going to exercise and write or type it into your calendar." read about the discussion HERE.
  • Dr. Eisenberg shared that 1/3 of us suffer from Metabolic Syndrome, listen to the five criteria (if you have 3 of the criteria, you may have metabolic syndrome.)  Listen to the FIVE criteria beginning at the 5:45 mark. 
  • This week's question from 'John H’s Gym Bag', brought to you by Stuart Spices, was, “Can you share some tips for cutting back on sugar in my diet?" listen to Dr. Eisenberg's answer beginning at the 17:20 mark of the podcast.
  • Our "Transformation of Dan Moriarty" segment, where we speak to the challenges of busy people who have fallen out of the exercise habit and share pointers to get back on track, brought to you each week by Monroe County CrossFit, pick up this week's discussion about Dan's first week of workouts at the 32:50 mark of the show.

To hear the episode in it's entirety, click the audio player below:



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