This week on Healthy Edge Radio (brought to you by World Gym Rochester and World Gym Greece, click on your location for a special Healthy Edge offer):

  • Our guests were:
  • Our Healthy Tip of the Week, from Transformation specialist, Alicia Alvarez and brought to you by Rochester Fitness & Cycling was: "use high intensity intervals and weight training to achieve a leaner, more sculpted physique" read about the discussion HERE.
  • This week's question from 'John H’s Gym Bag', brought to you by Stuart's Spices, was, “I’ve hit a plateau with my weight loss, can you share any tips on how to start losing weight again? I’m frustrated!" Alicia Alvarez answers this for us, beginning at the 23:00 mark of the podcast.
  • In our update on the "Transformation of Dan Moriarty" segment, created for people who have fallen out of the exercise habit, with pointers to get back on track, brought to you each week by Monroe County CrossFit, we talked about:
    • burpees
    • how we measured Dan's bodyfat percentage and found it has gone from 23.1% to 20.2% in the first five weeks of the program.
    • the principle of 'getting in shape' to get in shape.
  • Pick up this week's discussion about Dan's 'transformation' at the 38:10 mark of the show.

To hear the episode in it's entirety, click the audio player below:



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