This week on Healthy Edge Radio (brought to you by World Gym Rochester and World Gym Greece, just $10 month):

  • Our guests were:
    • Tina Westhoff-Cali, Director of Quality Assurance at both World Gyms
    • James Byrd, Director of Operations at World Gym Greece, Personal Trainer and competitive bodybuilder
  • Our Healthy Tip of the Week, brought to you by Rochester Fitness & Cycling was: "don’t underestimate the basics when starting an exercise program" hear the conversation beginning at the 15:50 mark of the podcast.
  • This week's question from 'John H’s Gym Bag', brought to you by Stuart's Spices, was, “if I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show, where would I begin?" James Byrd shares his thoughts with John H, beginning at the 31:00 mark of the podcast.
  • In our segment on CrossFit, brought to you each week by Monroe County CrossFit and CrossFit ESC, we talked about the other benefits of CrossFit, aside from it just being a great workout, it's a great community.
    • Join our Healthy Edge 8 Week CrossFit Challenge at MCCF and get 8 weeks of CrossFit for just $49! (email me at if you would like to be part of our test, limited to 12 participants.)
  • Other segment sponsors were:

Listen to the episode that aired Sunday, September 11, 2016 on Fox Sports 1280AM Rochester by clicking on the audio player below:



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