This week on Healthy Edge Radio (brought to you by World Gym Rochester and World Gym Greece, just $10 month):

  • Our guest was: Healthy Edge Columnist, Dr. Jessica Germano-Fokin, Ed.D, LMHC, of 'Love Talk with Dr. J'
    • check out Dr. J's Sexual Health Discoveries website HERE
  • Our Healthy Tip of the Week, brought to you by Rochester Fitness & Cycling was: "look for opportunities for conversation to improve the community and your own health“  
  • This week's question from 'John H’s Gym Bag', brought to you by Stuart's Spices, was specifically for Dr. J, “can you share healthy ways to explore human sexuality in an age appropriate way?"  
  • Each week Monroe County CrossFit and CrossFit ESC, sponsors our segment where we talk about the benefits of CrossFit, aside from it just being a great workout, it's a great community. Join Monroe County CrossFit for just $45 the first month or join CrossFit ESC for two months for the price of one...both offers are for first time members only. Pick up this week's CrossFit conversation at the 44:20 minute mark.
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Listen to the episode that aired Sunday, November 13, 2016 on Fox Sports 1280AM Rochester by clicking on the audio player below:



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