ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) - John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media discussed what items you should have packed in your bag when you head off to the gym for a workout Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise. 

Click on photo for the segment as it aired on March 6, 2017

"This is the quintessential gym bag, because what I want to accomplish here today is to have people never miss a workout because they're not prepared," Hutchings said. "The number one thing that people forget in my experience at the gym, they walk in and they go, oh I forgot my sneakers."

Hutchings said always pack a pair of sneakers in your gym bag, and leave an older pair in the trunk of your car as a backup. He also said pack undergarments in your bag. "If you're a woman, you want your sports bra," he said. "We all want an extra pair of underwear, and an extra pair of socks."

Packing your gym bag the night before can be helpful. "You don't want to get up, hit the snooze alarm, then be rushing around trying to get all of this stuff," said Hutchings. "Have it packed in advance."

If you're going to be showering at the gym, you'll want to pack the essentials for that too. "If you're going to be showering at the gym before you go to work or at lunchtime you want to have a towel," Hutchings said. "Two towels is probably your best bet. Take one out on the exercise floor to wipe down machines and wipe your face off, stuff like that. Deodorant, personal stuff, I've got kind of a collection over here. One item in particular, this is dry shampoo. I don't know if you know about this but some people on a lunch break, they want to dedicate all of that time to exercise, so they don't want to shower, so dry shampoo, and I've actually seen people use wet wipes, just kind of wipe themselves down."

Hutchings said deodorant and toothpaste are must haves, adding hair ties are the number one thing women request at the gym desk. "And some of the non-essentials I guess - phone charger, because if you don't take selfie it didn't happen at the gym so you need to be prepared in that regard, a plastic bag - I've got a garment bag in here - you want to throw your sweaty clothes in a bag. Keep you gym bag smelling good. I mentioned the locker rental, take those clothes home and wash them every once in a while. That's a good thing. If you're going to eat lunch on the run, a fork is important, or just bring your own protein bar.

I think that pretty much covers it! We're prepared for a workout here. We don't have any excuse to miss."



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