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Gym membership in our country started picking up steam in the late 70's with the release of Pumping Iron and Arnold Schwarzenegger bursting onto the scene with his subsequent role in Conan the Barbarian had everyone wanting big chests and biceps.  Additionally, health club membership in the 80's was fueled by the "aerobics" craze, championed by none other than Jane Fonda herself.



But, the gym culture remained a mystery to most 'average joes' who wondered what was the deal with all those people spending hours a day getting sweaty and eating dessicated liver pills.  In 1987, pop culture gave us Hans and Franz to put names on these people who obsessively "pumped up" and wore grey sweatsuits.

for the latter part of the 80's, the 90's and early to mid 2000's, health club membership didn't gain much ground nationally or locally.

Bally's advertising resembled soft core porn, and sales tactics were hard core, symbolized in the mantra, "they buy or they cry." Neither approach significantly moved the needle on Health Club membership growth.

That's pretty much how it was for nearly 20 years, in Rochester anyway.  Gym membership rates steadily went up and averaged between 40 and 60 dollars per month and the 'special' most commonly offered was 3 months for $99.

In 1992, Michael Grondahl acquired a financially struggling gym and dramatically reduced prices to compete against better-known brands. This low-cost business model focused on the needs of occasional or first-time health club members, rather than more experienced members and Planet Fitness was born. Critics have questioned Planet Fitness' legitimacy as a gym on the basis of the intensity of equipment and classes offered. Others claim that Planet Fitness' practice of giving out free food throughout the month is inconsistent with their position as a fitness source.  

I think it was about 2010 or 2011 when Planet Fitness came to Rochester.  There was a little one in Greece that was so small and poorly run that was here for a few years before the franchisee that owns the rest of the area locations got here, but that hardly counted.  Here's the thing with Planet Fitness memberships...and some will disagree...their customer service and amenities offered do not encourage you to workout.  There are a lot of rules and things NOT allowed and not much help available for newcomers.

In 2006, Planet Fitness bought the company that licenses World Gyms, it was a clear clash of cultures and the acquisition never paid off.  On December 31, 2008, World Gym was spun back off and purchased by the Cammilleri family.  One thing was hard to argue though...people lined up in droves to buy cheap memberships.

A few years ago, World Gym on East Avenue decided to give the $10/mth membership model a try.  To say it has been a success would be an understatement.  

The recipe that World Gym Rochester, and now World Gym Greece has perfected is simple:

  • great locations with ample parking (regardless of price, surveys show that convenience is the number one reason that people select a gym)
  • an abundance of equipment (less waiting, more working out)
  • additional amenities available if you want them (group exercise, personal training, tanning, protein shakes and supplements)
  • familiar, friendly staff

and right now through December 31st, you can purchase a ONE YEAR membership for just $139.

Sign up in person or for even more convenience, sign up online HERE for East Ave and HERE for Greece Ridge Mall location.

So, should you join a '$10 gym'?

If that gym is World Gym Rochester or Greece...ABSOLUTELY!

Make 2017 the year you stick to your new year's resolution AND save money too!



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