Anissa Buckley with Sarah Goodenough of Kitchen Verde
Jamie Gruttadauria: Rochester Fitness and Cycling
Jennine's Nutrition Tips and Personal Transformation Story
Tyler Kraig 'TK' Rinallo discusses his FTM Transgender Journey
Jeremy Peden-Dorsey of WellVentions and Aarya Patel, CEO of 4 Ever Dry
with Jessica Germano-Fokin LMHC, owner of Seasons of Change Wellness Group
with Jeffrey Eisenberg, MD, author of "Suckered"
Doctor of Physical Therapy at Lattimore Physical Therapy and author of the 'Why I Run' column in Healthy Edge Magazine, Nov/Dec issue
NEW NGA Professional Bodybuilder and Healthy Edge Magazine Cover Model
with 'Dr. J' Jessica Germano-Fokin
Jim Rockell, owner of Samson's Gym and legendary Bodybuilding Judge
Theresa Bowick, creator of Conkey Cruisers
Esther Kwong and Tim Dougherty of World Gym
Lee 'Lucky' Davis and Hazal Etiz
Mark Dwyer, Juliana Stefani and Anita O'Brien
Tina Westhoff-Cali and James Byrd
Nancy Allinger, James Fricon, Jack Henry Fricon, Ryshig Scott-Thompson and Ana Bauroth
Sarah Nazarian and Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana
Ethan Richardson and Robbie Ortiz
Amanda Merlau, National Champion Weightlifter and Matt Altobelli & Courtney Zona of Gruntz Personal Training
Quinisha Anderson of Brew Run Series and Colin Vega of VIP Fit Club's Obstacle Challenge Series
Phil Bianchi of Headwater Food Hub and Max Gordon of Blossom Road Pub
for healthiest food, eat it as close to it natural state as possible
Rick Gause, Trelany McCoy, Karla 'DD' McGill and Alicia Alvarez
Dr. Brenda Baratta of Physician House Calls and Nicole Kazimer of HikYoga
Dr. Stephen Cook, Healthy Parent columnist, Jennifer Muscato and Jennifer & William Dovidio of Aerial Arts of Rochester
Mark Dwyer and Mitch Gruber of Foodlink with Deborah Trout
Dr. Jeffrey Eisenberg, author of 'Suckered, The History of Sugar, Our Toxic Addiction, Our Power to Change'
Christy Neu, Brian Mastrosimone, Robbie 'Bert' Ortiz, Angie Ferris & Kyle Sheridan
Calvin Eaton, Judy Arazoza and Steve Lochner
Ryan Uribe, DC and Joshua Bankes
Dave Pfaff, Mark Andrews, Jim Ludwig and Russell Manalastas
Michelle Fischette, Kate Vantucci, Austyn Affronti and Patrick Cutter
Quentin Gause, Bill Sauer and Elvio Fernandes
Liza Savage-Katz, Joe Christiano & David Hastings
Shalom Pearl Singer-Gause, Mark Bruce, Kaydian Hayle & Isioma Nnodum
Robert Kauffman, Elizabeth van der Horst & Mike Cocquyt
Is it harmful to exercise through pain?
as heard on Healthy Edge Radio on Fox Sports AM1280 Rochester

Episode #66
Our first guests on this week's episode of Fitness Edge Radio are Halestorm and Terminal Trend from Roc City Roller Derby.  They let us know how the sport has changed through the years and how you can support them while donating to worthwhile causes in our area.Next, Fitness Edge Field Correspondant Matt Liquori reviews last weekend's Arnold Classic, while a local competitor, Paula Miller, shares her experience competing at the event as well.
Episode #65
We speak with local professional triathlete, Scott Bradley this week on Fitness Edge Radio.  Scott shares his race plans for 2015 and lets us into the mind of a triathlete.Next, a world record holder joins the program.  Webster Thomas grad and world record holder in the 500m Brycen Spratling joins us on the phone.
Episode #64
Crossfit saved the life of our first guest, Katie Ramos, on today's Fitness Edge Radio.  Katie shares the inspirational story of how she went from her supposed death bed to competing in the upcoming Crossfit Open.Next, we speak with first time bikini and figure body building competitor Sara Harvey.  Sara tells us everything she has done to prepare for her maiden voyage to the show stage.
Episode #63
We pay tribute to Morris Medved of Medved Running and Walking Outfitters in today's episode of Fitness Edge Radio.  Dan Medved and Mort Nace share stories of Medved's history and current offerings of programs from novice to expert.Shaina Sidoti of Effortlessly Healthy stops by as our second guest.  Shaina shares the latest news out of her world including an expansion of Effortlessly Healthy onto the store shelves of Hart's Grocers.
Episode #62
We speak with NFL veterans on today's episode of Fitness Edge Radio.First, Adam Terry of Power Train Sport and Fitness discussed the services he can provide to athletes both young and old.Next, we replay our conversation with Dan Gronkowski of G & G Fitness and discuss the hottest fitness equipment trends of 2015.




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