This story originally appeared on February 1 in the Monroe County CrossFit Closed Facebook Group page:

MCCF is happy to bring you our February Member of the Month: Jeff Burnett!

A couple of years ago Jeff was close to 300 pounds. He says he was ‘comfortable’ with the weight but not exactly ‘happy’ with the weight. “I was always fascinated with running but hesitant to try it because I was embarrassed of my weight. In January 2015, I set a goal to run one mile without stopping regardless of the time. As I was working towards reaching my goal I noticed my clothes were fitting looser, so I...
As you can see by my earlier photo's my lifestyle was leading me down a road of self destruction.

Uncontrollable eating and drinking caused me to have a stroke.

Most would think that someone would change their ways after going through that. But no not me, I was content with continuing that lifestyle with the help of medications keeping me in a somewhat safe zone. The struggles were real trying to put socks on or shoes with laces and deciding that my flip flops matched everything or going out to dinner with friends and the embarrassment of not being able to get my second arm in my...

Sue Simpson is not unlike many women her age. A mom and a wife. She raised her kids, went to work and put others first for a long time. It’s funny how life can fly by when you’re busy with such things.

Those kids grew up and moved away. The demands on her time weren’t as great anymore. Sue had a friend in the neighborhood that she walked three miles with on most days the weather cooperated. It was time to unwind from work, time to think and time to talk. It was her exercise too.

One day, in early 2016, Sue got wonderful news. Her daughter was...
A lot of people tend to label bodybuilders or fitness addicts as arrogant, self-centered, and narcissistic. This could not be any further from the truth. Many of us use fitness as an outlet for depression, anxiety, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, body dysmorphia or even health issues. Speaking from a personal standpoint, fitness saved my life.

I never really had any weight issues growing up. I've always been a big eater, but I didn't start to see the effects of that until high school. I went through a stage where I was a bit heavier for my size, but then hit a growth spurt and...
Name: Caleb Hoag
Age: 27
Height: 5’ 11”

Overall Length of Training: about 4.5 Years

First pic: about 270 lbs and roughly 30-40% bodyfat 23 years old

In the beginning of my transformation I determined what I needed to eat to be in a calorie deficit without being too rigid. I mostly focused on making healthy food choices that were more nutrient dense and filling. Most of my training was done at home because I was too embarrassed to be at the gym. A lot of my training was done with bodyweight movements because I figured I should be able to move my own weight before worrying too much...
My fitness journey started in high school. I battled with anorexia and bulimia since I was 12. I got down to 87 pounds and was hospitalized at my worst. In order to get better I started going to the gym to work out instead of restricting my food and it really helped me with my battle. I continued to work out at a gym, mostly cardio in my early twenties. I worked at the Rochester Athletic Club as a fitness instructor and got to help other people with their goals.

At 27 I got pregnant with my daughter Avery, she is 3 now and such a beautiful little girl. But during my pregnancy I gained 60...
Well...growing up I never had an issue with my weight. I was always pretty normal (weight wise that is).

When I was 21 I lost my older brother suddenly, my only sibling who I was as close as could be. After losing him I developed Panic and Anxiety Disorder. I went on several medications to try and help, all it mainly did was pack on the pounds. Didn't help that I was eating horrible and drinking way too much!!

Let's skip ahead years later to when I decided I wanted to be a mom soon...I decided I needed to get back in shape and take care of myself!!

Was it hard? Yup!

Did I do it...
My story goes back to when I was 14 years old and this guy started to like me, for 2 1/2 years he did nothing but diminish my self-worth and my spirit but the dancer and cheerleader in me kept me going. It was my escape and what brought/brings me joy. We dated for 2 1/2 years before the night of 7/22/01 when he and I got in an argument over being at a party. These arguments happened all the time, I had turned 17 in May and finally had my night license. so, we went home from the party to his house and I said I was going to go back to the party which he told me was ok but after going to the...
Noah Jobin's fitness journey started 2 years ago when he sold home gyms and weighed 240lbs.

Since that time, he became a certified fitness trainer, founded his business Paramount Performance, and lost 74 pounds to step on stage as a competitive bodybuilder at 166 pounds.

He is a perfect example of hard work and determination.

His process of bettering himself and others has helped bring him a lasting clientele that raves about his work ethic and desire to see them heathy and achieving their own personal goals. Noah currently trains clients and competitors at Irondequoit Fitness in...
My earliest memories entail a heightened sensitivity of being acutely aware that I was always larger than all of my friends. My earliest memories of body shaming came from my grandmother who used to weigh my cousins and I every time we went over to her house. Time and time again, I was one of the heaviest cousins and was always told to “watch my weight” or “Jessica, you’re really creeping up the scale.” To this day, I am not sure what her intentions fueling this behavior were, but they will haunt me forever.

Life was not easier at school either. Despite my...




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